Community Monthly Membership Program

Our community membership program is designed to make it easier and more affordable for our clients to take our online, studio classes, workshops and personal table sessions.  Join our growing community membership program for only $49.95 per month!


Here are 4 key benefits for joining our community membership program:

1. Take any online or studio classes:

We have classes every Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings. You are welcome to take any of these classes online or come into our studio during these sessions.

2. Be apart of our growing Community:

As a valued member, you will become part of our Feldenkrais Centre community.  This will allow you to get discounts, special VIP offerings and other community benefits.

3. Personal Table Session Discounts:

As a valued member, you will receive a special discount rate off of our one-on-one sessions. You will receive our personal table sessions for only $60.00. Regular cost per session is $75.00!

4. Workshop Discounts:

We hold one day workshops and weekend workshops. As a member, you will receive 10% off of any of our yearly workshops.

Become a Member Today!

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