Brent Kisilevich
– Feldenkrais Method™ Practitioner

With his background in sport, education, and the Feldenkrais Method™ of sensory-motor learning, Brent provides you with the means to make significant changes in how you use your body. A former Ukrainian folk dancer, hockey player, figure skater, and Canadian ski patroller, Brent had always refused to let a back injury, sustained in his late teens while playing junior hockey, define his actions. Throughout his life he sought out ways to manage and improve his chronic back pain issues. In addition to being an avid weightlifter, he dabbled in Tai Chi, beginner yoga, swimming, biking, running and many team sports to manage his recurring discomforts over the last thirty years. If you ask him he will gladly tell you the story of how he was first introduced to the Feldenkrais Method™ back in 1988 while attending the University of Alberta and how that enabled him to completely overcome his chronic back restrictions.

Today, Brent is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner™ having completed a four year program at the Feldenkrais Movement Institute in 2014. In his private practice, he works with seniors, high performance athletes and active-minded people of all ages and abilities. To learn more about the classes, one-to-one sessions, workshops, retreats and presentations that he offers, peruse his company website okanaganfeldenkrais.com.

Through Brent’s skilled guidance, you can learn how changes in the quality of your movements can lead to greater freedom, comfort, and ease. Just call for an appointment.

Watch this brief video of Brent speaking about his experiences in movement, pain, and sensory-motor learning.


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