Feldenkrais provides a competitive edge for high performance freestyle skiers

In preparation for the THIS 2017 -18 season, competitive freestyle skiers have begun using the Feldenkrais Method to learn how to make their gravity defying feats feel more graceful and effortless.

Brent Kisilevich, owner of the Okanagan Feldenkrais Centre in Vernon first approached Wade Garrod of the Silver Star Freestyle Club in 2016 with the idea for helping local athletes excel in there physical learning. They tried it and after one session there was a remarkable result. One of the athletes could immediately rotate effortlessly in either direction — a skill that he had not been able to do before.

We set up four sessions this November for them to develop real strategies for how to overcome the deeply personal obstacles that can interfere with their ability to make their tricks appear easy and elegant.

The Feldenkrais Method is a process for creating continuous life-long physical improvement. It uses precise movements and focused attention to engage the brain in exploring new possibilities.

The process for improving the quality of any movement, no matter how common or complex is always the same: expand your awareness of what you are doing and the action becomes more graceful and available. In this way self-confidence grows as you become more self-reliant and purposeful in your learning.

The Okanagan Feldenkrais Centre is a proud sponsor of our young athletes in the Silver Star Freestyle Club.